“Isis video threatening UK claims to show Paris attackers in Syria and Iraq” Write Up by Zoe Vastakis

Isis video threatening UK claims to show Paris attackers in Syria and Iraq” by Raya Jalabi is essentially describing a video Isis leaked that was a threatening the UK, there was a video at the end of the article, but it was just a four minute clip giving background information about Isis.

Two techniques that I followed were the violent acts committed in the video, as well as aggressive diction. I followed these because the actions help describe what happened in the video, and give us an understanding of how intense and horrifying this group is, but I followed the aggressive diction because I wanted to show how the words an author uses can help amplify the tone of a piece.

By including the gruesome actions shown in the video such as  the beheadings, and the holding of said heads, is what initially installs a sense of fear and shock in the reader. However, the repeated use of words such as “attacker”, “threatens”, “appalling”, “atrocities”, and “teasing”, aid the reader in painting this group as monsters, and create a bias from the author. The small video clip at the bottom further helps to develop these attackers as monsters, when it shows them lining up soldiers before shooting them. The author is trying to convey how serious of a situation we have taking place with this radical group, and succeeds.

In my writing, I would imitate her use of diction, and use that as a subtle way to urge the audience to agree or at least further understand the point my piece is attempting to convey.


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