“Mastiff” Write Up by Kassius Littlejohn

“Mastiff” by Joyce Carol Oates is a compelling story because of the extremity of the descriptions used in the piece as well as the  increasing intensity. I felt interest in the fact that the story focused partly on a breed of dog i also happen to be very fond of, and the dramatic events that branch from it. After reading the story, I feel that I should include more description that differs from he readers expectation, and using more unique words that the average me wouldn’t normally use to describe a certain something.

The story was definitely separate from my interpretations. It did include the actual dog, but it wasn’t the main focus. Instead I was very surprised just what kind of story this was. However I did like Oates transitions between the dog and its owner and the events that went on between the man and the woman , as they are called by in the story, it certainly adds a certain “spice” to the story.

Even though I don’t make reading romance stories an exact habit for me (though I do end up reading them due to title matters), the realistic and detailed events in the relationship between the man and the woman made the story slightly more enticing to read, and I feel that I can imitate this in my own writing by having my story differ from the reader’s expectations.


.What did you think about the fact that the story wasn’t actually about the Mastiff? Was the story more enticing to read?

.Do you believe there  is a double meaning behind the title, or do you think it applies to the dog only?

.Did you think the dog’s role played a significant part in the story, besides the title, or do you think it would have been better off without the dog?

.Lastly, if you finished the story, what were your thoughts on the ending? The last sentence of the piece?

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