“Women’s Health Takes A Backseat to Religion Again” Write Up by Casey Edeiken

With Garrett Epps’ piece, I’m really interested in the way how something that could easily be so boring, is actually funny. I’m fascinated by the way that humor is facilitated through literary devices. So that’s what I tracked.

Turquoise: The bitter humor of this piece.

So I was really drawn to this because not only were these comments funny, but somehow they managed to be openly hostile without being offensive. They really served to highlight the absurdity of this entire question. I think it’s almost hilarious because really this isn’t a question we should still be asking (do women deserve basic health care in the form contraceptives?). I’m obviously interested in this topic because it’s old, it’s so old and it’s so annoying that I was drawn to this article because it somehow managed to make the issue as ridiculous as it should be.

Orange: How the quotations influence the tone of this piece.

A lot of the quotes aren’t actually quotes, they’re just words in quotations. For whatever reason, that made so much of everything seem sarcastic that I was excited every time I saw a quotation mark. Even some of the selective quotations were bitingly sarcastic which I actually really appreciated. The sarcastic nature of everything just serves to even further highlight how ridiculous this argument is and  how little attention it deserves.

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