“Zika Virus Traced Back to Venue Bathroom” Write Up by Catherine Anderson

The Hard Times never fails to make me giggle, so I recommend reading some of the other articles. Don’t stress, they’re super short. This is the longest one I could find. THT is an excellent teaching tool when comes to satire, because they take the three elements of what really makes writing funny; sarcasm, irony, and my third made up one which is making up quotes, or basically dialogue.

Sarcasm comes in right at the beginning of this article with a quote from the “NC Dept. Of Health and Human Services” drawing attention to the lack of toilet seats in the venue. Hah! Surely this would never happen in a real establishment. But this is satirical journalism, anything goes.

Right into the next paragraph, another quote! How absurd it is, to hear a health inspector say they usually just let the places pick their own score sort of as an honesty system. Or should I say ironic. How unrealistic! Or maybe I just feel so strongly because I work in bars. Each quote thereafter is just increasingly disgusting and over the top in sarcasm and conflicting irony. It’s obvious that this place can’t be real.

At the end, the very last line gives a nice punch. The whole time I hope you are thinking “how is a place like this even still standing?” or something like that. And I hope you were surprised at the end. How! How on earth did they get a B+? No toilet seats? Bloody, crusty, vomit plastered bathrooms? That’s probably the secret- dried puke is what they use to keep the place together.

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